[nycphp-talk] if you were teaching PHP...

David Mintz dmintz at
Wed Jan 19 15:42:41 EST 2005

On Wed, 19 Jan 2005, Daniel Convissor wrote:

> Hey Folks:
> The original email asked whether to go with mysql*() or mysqli*()
> functions.  I'd suggest mysqli*(), since that's where things are going and
> they're quite different.

Thanks. I have been thinking the same way. Teach with a view towards the
future -- if need be, they will be able to teach themselves "classic"
mysql*() easily enough by the time I get done with them.

> Whether to teach that over PEAR DB, well, depends on what the class is
> about and what your goals are.  They both have their place.

Hear hear. The goal is to provide a solid PHP foundation and overview of
what's out there, and I think it's appropriate introduce them to some
PEAR, so why not DB. Last time we covered both mysql*() and PEAR::DB; this
time we'll cover mysqli and PEAR::DB.

Thanks again to all. It's been illuminating.

David Mintz

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