[nycphp-talk] ftp: error messages?

Raj Shekhar rajlist at
Wed Jan 26 13:15:59 EST 2005

Rahmin Pavlovic wrote:
> Halo,
> I have an ftp script that uploads a file to remote server once a day via cron. 
> The people who receive the file say it doesn't come through every now and then. 
> I send an email to our team if ftp_put() returns false, but I'm wondering if it's
> possible to capture error messages that explain why.  I can't seem to find anything.

Since you are running the script via cron, you should have a look at 
/var/log/messages to see what might have caused the problem around that 
time. Cron usually logs its actions to the messages file.

You can also put your error log in a file and then later inspect it. 
i.e. in your cron file, the command should be


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