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Alberto dos Santos acas at
Wed Jun 22 04:12:48 EDT 2005

Ok, I surrender, you guys are top! I'm asking for help.

I have been strugling to have a clean cross reference check code in PHP
using a MySQL database.

I have a table called "CATALOG_READING" with two entries, one is the ID
(CR_ID) and the other a value.
Then I have 16 tables each with 4 rows that have a value from CR_ID, in
order to use the values from the CATALOG_READING table in different

What I need to check is which values from CR_ID are NOT USED in any of the
other tables, so I can identify and remove it.

Before you ask, CR_ID has 3900 entries and the other tables have 4*700
entries (AVG), so I can't do it by hand... :p

Thanks in advance,

Alberto dos Santos
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not sure why I'm answering this, but this seems you're doing something
in PHP you could/should be doing in the database.

the " IN (zip1, zip2, etc)" solution aint that bad, but what you
really should be doing is using one query with a join or a subselect.

for the join crowd, something like this:

org, zips 
where =
and <zip code sql goes here>

i usually just use a rough zip code distance check using a square box.


On 6/21/05, harvey <list at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've got code that queries the 'zipcode' tables in a database and finds
> zips that are within X miles of Y zip code. Works fine.
> <?php
>        $z = new zipcode_class;
>                $zips = $z->get_zips_in_range($zipcode,$distance);
>                if (empty($zips))
>                   { echo "Error: " . $z->last_error; }
>                else { foreach ($zips as $key => $value) { echo
"<b>$key</b> is
> <b>$value</b> miles from <b>$zipcode</b>.<br>"; };  }
> ?>
> Now I want to query the 'organization' tables and return all the orgs that
> have one of the zips found above. But I'm not sure how to go about it.
> Something like the following (which I know is incorrect)?
> SELECT * FROM organizations WHERE org_zip IN ($zips)
> Thanks in advance for your help...I'm sure it's some very basic concept
> missing.
> Harvey
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