[nycphp-talk] [OT] Airports and laptops

Tim Sailer sailer at
Wed Jun 29 11:45:25 EDT 2005

On Wed, Jun 29, 2005 at 11:35:20AM -0400, mike hjorleifsson wrote:
> not at all...
> Nunez, Eddy wrote:
> >
> >Any of you guys know if putting your precious laptop through airport's 
> >security
> >screening process is hazardous to it's health?

Er, maybe. A common trick to obtain a new laptop is for 2 people to
get on line, one go through with no problem, and one 'forget' to remove
change, etc from their pockets. You put your laptop on the belt, it goes 
through, and you are stuck behind the guy ringing the bell. By time you
get through, your laptop is missing.

*Hang ON* to your laptop until you walk through the portal.


PS: Sorry, I'm paid to be paranoid, and I see this kind of stuff all
the time...

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