[nycphp-talk] Code from Mars?

Jeff Siegel jsiegel1 at
Thu Jun 30 20:41:18 EDT 2005

Very good. Hadn't thunked of that.

Of course the question is...why would someone bother to sprinkle this
throughout their code. 

For example:

function O1en($l1eh          ) {
	$this->O1dh= (int) $l1eh["i\144"];
	$this->l1dt= (int) $l1eh["\143\151d"];
	$this->l1ey=    (double) $l1eh["\167e\151g\150t"];


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> php -r 'echo "\103\157\156n\145ct\151\157n\056p\150\160";'
> Connnection.php

> php -r 'echo "\144\145\163c\162\151\160t\151\157\156";'
> description

That's the octal way of writing these characters. See

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> Has anyone ever seen code like this?
> require_once "\103\157\156n\145ct\151\157n\056p\150\160";
> $this->l1eq=$l1eh["\144\145\163c\162\151\160t\151\157\156"];
> If was it created?
> Jeff
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