[nycphp-talk] transparent SIDs fail with a colon ??

Allen Shaw ashaw at
Thu Mar 3 13:36:36 EST 2005

Dang typos...

Line after second example is supposed to say: "Notice that the first 
link doesn't get the PHPSESSID argment ..."  (Worked on this with PHPLib 
first and then in a bare-bones script to double-check before sending. So 
much for double-checking....)

Allen Shaw wrote:

>> <a href="index.php?template=welcome&amp;submitid=32:67">Home</a> |
>> <a 
>> href="logout.php?template=welcome&amp;submitid=32.67&amp;PHPSESSID=7e647029bccb9d34fc0b0b0aa6e6a5d0">Sign 
>> Out</a> |
> Notice that the first link doesn't get the form_Session argment added 
> on to the URL -- only the second one.  How come?  It's the colon. 

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