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Alberto dos Santos yournway at
Wed Feb 1 04:19:52 EST 2006

>Keep the images on the filesystem - out of a BLOB record.


>Map the filesystem, meta data and other stuff into the database.

Isn't there a limit to the number of files that can reside in one
directory? If so, then how do you handle managing what is mapped


> Keith Richardson wrote:
> You should organize the files into some sort of
> nested directory tree. For ideas, examine the structure of the Postfix
> (mail server) queue.
If I was going to organise a camera watch like the one we are discussing I
would certainly go for the filesystem storage of the pictures, keeping the
pointers on a database.
To circumvent filesystem limitations, if any because we are surely talking
about 640x480x72dpi pics taken every 10 seconds or so, and also to allow me
to do quick filesystem searches for an event, in case of a never expected
but always possible application failure, I would organize my folders in a
cascade like /year/month/day/hour/ kind of thingh, so it would always be
intuitive for both me and my successors, and easy to tar the folders and
send them to the PD, if ever necessary, hehe.


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