[nycphp-talk] Rookie Question re hacks dot wireless internet

Kevin Gibbons kgibbons04 at
Sun Feb 5 12:12:10 EST 2006

Hello Robert,

Your forum is using phpBB, which is a free and very good PHP/MySQL message
forum script.  What exactly are you trying to modify - the page layout, or
the actual forums themselves (such as adding new forums, or renaming
existing forums)?

If you're talking about modifying the page layout, you do not touch the
index.php page - but rather you modify the template page that is used to
build the index page.  If you're looking to modify the forums, you need to
login to the phpBB admin area to do this.  It's been awhile since I've used
phpBB, but I do believe you can reach your admin area by appending
/admin/index.php to your forum URL.  Then of course you will need the admin

If you can be a bit more specific with what you actually need to do, I'm
sure one of the good folks here on the list can give you the exact fix
you're looking for.

good luck!
Kevin Gibbons

On 2/5/06, Robert Kim Wireless Internet Advisor <evdo.hsdpa at>
> Gentlemen, where do i go to modify the
> page that shows up at
> ?
> i went to index.php and well.. get NOTHING that shows up above.. HELP?!?!
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