Re: [nycphp-talk] Are you promoting someone else’s site without even knowing it?

Raj shekhar rajlist at
Fri Feb 10 00:18:14 EST 2006

in infinite wisdom Ophir Prusak spoke thus on 02/10/06 02:35:
> hi all,
> If you're running a search engine friendly URL mod for your bulletin
> board system, you should read this.
> If you're using FURL with IPB, you MUST read this.
> Basically, I just found out that the URL mod I've been running on our
> company forums is google spamming.
> Here's the whole blog entry, but you might want to see it with
> pictures at

If FURL is free software (free as in free speech), take the source and 
create a fork of it which does not add the junk that you mentioned.  If 
it is not free, create your own and change the world for good :-)

PS: I don't use any bulletin board systems, so I have never come across 
the problem you mentioned.

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