[nycphp-talk] A Bit of Array Trouble

Joseph Crawford codebowl at
Fri Feb 10 13:16:43 EST 2006

Hey Guys,

I would appreciate any help i can get with this problem.

Based on a customers zip code when they come to the site we generate a list
of vendors and vendor locations and they are loaded into an array like this


what i need to do is loop over the vendor locations and sort them based on
the distance.  Currently it looks sorted but that is only because 2 records
are showing.

so in this case it is correct.  the end goal is to get the 2 closest
locations then get the closest based on total street miles.

is there current code out there that could do this?

Joseph Crawford Jr.
Zend Certified Engineer
Codebowl Solutions, Inc.
codebowl at
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