[nycphp-talk] A Bit of Array Trouble

tedd tedd at
Fri Feb 10 15:00:49 EST 2006

>Hey Guys,
>I would appreciate any help i can get with this problem.
>Based on a customers zip code when they come to the site we generate 
>a list of vendors and vendor locations and they are loaded into an 
>array like this
>what i need to do is loop over the vendor locations and sort them 
>based on the distance.  Currently it looks sorted but that is only 
>because 2 records are showing.
>so in this case it is correct.  the end goal is to get the 2 closest 
>locations then get the closest based on total street miles.
>is there current code out there that could do this?
>Joseph Crawford Jr.
>Zend Certified Engineer
>Codebowl Solutions, Inc.

I haven't done this, but you might use Google's map services.


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