[nycphp-talk] index.php ignored on new Mac Mini server setup

Cliff Hirsch cliff at
Fri Feb 17 15:43:27 EST 2006

I am bringing up a MAC mini as a web server. Thought it would be an easy
and interesting way to learn Unix. And a good way to piss off my kids --
"sorry kids, no garageshop or imovie, this is strictly a web server, go
play with your Pentium II. Silly me, I don't know ls from cd. I'll never
badmouth Bill again. 
Tried Xampp; got fairly far, but scrapped it. Now I just have the latest
installs of MySQL and PHP5.
Apache is running (the native version with OSX Tiger).
MySQL 5 is running.
PHP 5.x is running.
PHPMyAdmin gave birth and works just fine.
http://localhost/blahblah/test.php works just fine and just only
So here's the wierd part:
http://localhost/blahblah/index.php simply comes up empty even thought
it is identical to test.php -- just phpinfo(). No error message, no
nothing. Just blank.
test, test2, idx, index2, etc. .php work just fine and output phpinfo()
as expected. It is only index.php that does nothing.
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