[nycphp-talk] Debugging Remote Problem

Hans Kaspersetz lamolist at
Tue Feb 21 19:27:40 EST 2006

I think it is proxy related.  I read the resources Tim turned me onto 
and it was very helpful.  I implemented one of the patches and asked the 
user to retry.  I suspect it is the proxy issue because I can see the 
user switching IPs in the middle of the session.

I will have more information tomorrow after the user tests.


Tim Gales wrote:
> Andrew Yochum wrote:
>> Hans Kaspersetz wrote:
>>> SSL was involved.  I setup the demo site to remove that from the 
>>> equation.  When SSL was involved the user could not even login.  I would 
>>> see a successful login in the logs but then an immediate redirect to the 
>>> logged our state.  Very weird.  Taking SSL out of the equation made 
>>> things better.  Now the user can login and browse 1 or 2 pages.  Then 
>>> redirect to logged out state. 
>> Sounds a lot like cookies/sessions aren't working.  Try either having
>> them turn on cookies, or set up the php url rewriter.  If they have
>> cookies on, possibly a proxy server is getting in the way. 
> If a proxy is in the way
> maybe this will help

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