[nycphp-talk] Testing session authentication - multiple apps

Aaron Fischer agfische at
Thu Feb 23 12:01:28 EST 2006

Greetings all, apologies if this is a boringly rudimentary question...

I am curious as to one aspect of how sessions work.  Say a user has a 
few different session cookies that have been set by my site from 
different apps.  When they visit one app and I start the session and 
check an identifier such as an authentication variable, how does the 
session mechanism know which session cookie to check? 

Not sure what I'm missing here.  Or perhaps I'm not missing anything and 
I need to uniquely identify each session using session_name() or use 
different session authentication vars in each app (e.g. 
$_SESSION['postcard_auth'] = true; in one, $_SESSION['dbmanage_auth'] = 
true; in another, etc.).

Any info would be helpful.



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