[nycphp-talk] Testing session authentication - multiple apps

Aaron Fischer agfische at
Thu Feb 23 15:44:30 EST 2006

Cool.  Interestingly enough I'm viewing the session cookies set by one 
of my apps and it appears that none of my parameters are being set (e.g. 
session name, expire time, etc.). 

I know this was working previously, but I'm not sure if I've checked 
this out since our server upgraded from PHP4 to PHP5, perhaps there is 
something inherent in the versions or our admins changed some ini 
settings.  I dunno, two steps forward, one step back it seems.  Time for 
more investigation.  Grumble.


csnyder wrote:

>Bingo. session_name() called before session_start() will set the name
>of the cookie used by PHP to track the session. If you have different
>apps in the same domain name that can't share a session, then you can
>give them each a unique cookie name.

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