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Sorry, but one last caveat on this here web hosting.
Domain Names and Web Hosting
I don't let the web host provide the domain name service. 
I make the client actually buy it themselves, separately, from another
vendor like Network Solutions.
(Yes, this costs more.) But...
Then later if there are any irresolvable technical issues with the web host,
you can: 
1) Go and buy a new web hosting plan by IP address only, 
2) Set up the web site at the new host,
3) Log in to your separate domain name control panel and change the domain
name pointing yourself to the new web host,
4) End of nightmare old web hosting story. 
This way the client is in control of their own domain name destiny and can
a discriminating consumer with playable options and can move around more at

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any good hosting company?
i use
looking for a good hosting with unlimited plesk key
for a customer.
thanks and have a nice day.

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