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Essentially, Samsung builds almost all flat panel television screens,
regardless of whose brand name in on the box.
In web hosting I believe that essentially there is a handful of really big
hosts behind the scenes and many, many of the little 
guys are resellers for the big guys. They even get hooked to the big guys
tech support through well-devised intelligent 
800 number routing.
I'd enjoy seeing a schematic of webhosting ownership from the big true "we
physically own and control the servers" 
entities with connectors down to all the resellers they support. 

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since there is so many issues relating choosing a hosting service 
and every other day another company pops
it will be nice to see a list of hosting providers on NYPHP 
so member can give their opinion, experience and tips
I know it will help me make abetter choice after looking @ someone else

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