[nycphp-talk] CMS with split testing?

Ophir Prusak prusak at
Thu Jun 1 15:44:13 EDT 2006

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone knows of / has used a CMS that has split
testing built in (or can be added with an existing plug-in or

For example, I need 50% of the visitors to see version "A" of a page
and 50% to see version "B" of the same page. Then I need to check how
many of group "A" did something (like reached page "C") and how many
of group "B" did the same thing.

I found this discussion which claims that Joomla can already do this,
but I have not been able to find where this is documented:

Something free would be nice, but a "low cost" (under 2k) solution
would also work.


Ophir Prusak

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