[nycphp-talk] Why the light has gone out on LAMP

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Tue Jun 6 14:51:12 EDT 2006 |nyphp dev/internal group use| wrote:

>Hey everyone,
>Check out this article.  It is a huge slam on the LAMP framework.  It 
>may be worth our collective response.
Sometimes blog articles are best ignored. The last thing I would do for 
this blogger is link to him.

That said, I can't ignore the new bill introduced that eliminates fair 
use and makes us have to pay "per listen" for music. It enables the RIAA 
to sue anyone who listens to a song (even one they bought..even if they 
bought the CD) each time they listen to it on their mp3 player, etc.

As if that wasn't ballsy enough, they are trying to make it retroactive 
to 2001.

Now do I pay attention to a rant from a hardcore non-PHP coder about how 
he dislikes the most popular and successful innovation platform on the 
web since HTML, or email the members of the committee set up to govern 
me before they eliminate innovation via the chilling effects of $150,000 
*per song* penalties?

I'll be emailing the congress people

-=john andrews

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