[nycphp-talk] Static variables, self:: and abstract classes

Andrew Kamm akamm at
Wed Jun 7 08:38:59 EDT 2006

>> That's basically the problem I'm having -- your example redeclares a new
>> function in the child class.
> No.  You misunderstand.  You don't need to redeclare each function.
> Consider "m" to be like a constructor.  I would have used __construct(),
> but they don't get called in static mode.  So, instead of setting the
> property values via instantiation in your example, manually set them in
> the fake constructor.  Then manually call the "constructor" before making
> any other static calls on your inherited static methods.

Ah .... I see now. Fantastic. I just did a little trial run and I think
that'll work great.  I'm diving back into the actual class files right now
to work it out.


Andrew Kamm

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