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Sat Jun 10 15:41:20 EDT 2006

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>With the NYPHPCON just a few days off, I suppose everybody is pretty busy in New York and maybe didn't have time to acknowledge the birthday of PHP, so I offer this to the list...
>(and a tip o' the hat to Allie at New Jersey design firm

Sorry if I was accidentally misleading... that wasn't made by Allie at, but she was the first to pass that viral to me (hence 
the tip of the hat).

Allie's flash work is much more creative than that (see for the New Jersey bit).

And yes I also know that is in flash and not PHP... so the purists don't 
need to tag me for that :-) 

(for those interested, I actually used it in another context... 
suggesting some of the PR dangers associated with wildcard DNS...  hit and see jobster pay for a nice 
branding effort for their competitor, OR
 hit hey_sh* and see how a little sarcasm 
becomes funnier than the original joke, and jobster gets the brand 
tarnish from something potentially more viral than the original.)

Alas, no shortage of minutia on the PHP talk list!

PS: anyway the point was happy birthday php!

-=john andrews

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