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Mon Jun 19 10:19:01 EDT 2006

I recommend getting one of the prepackaged bundles that include 
Apache, PHP, MySQL, and possibly other things like PERL, Ruby, and/or Python.

The one I use is xampp <>


At 10:09 AM 6/19/2006, pyurt wrote:
>Go to
>Find a distro for your platform.
>It will place files into the correct directory which typically was 
>c:\php on a windows machine.
>HTML is different. Do you want to display the HTML in a browser? If 
>so, you need to install a HTTP server (web server) such as apache. 
>Web server install is a separate process. If you do the web server 
>you may need to tell it about (change a config file setting) to 
>indicate the presence of a php install.
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>I am trying to install PHP 5.1.4 on my Windows Computer. Please note 
>that it is not a Web Server. Its just a simple computer for home 
>use. First of all, can I even install PHP on this or does it have to 
>be on a web server? Then what configuration changes do I need to 
>make in order for the PHP files to run successfully? Does my source 
>code have to be in any particular directory on my machine and in 
>order to access those pages, what URL do I need to type in my 
>browser and can I also put my HTML files in the same directory? 
>Please can you help me?
>Sincerely Yours,
>Salman Mazhar.

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