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What is your purpose? It would help to know what you want to do. 


To get php go to <>   You will find an
install distribution for your platform. 

The install will place the PHP language files into a directory which
typically is c:\php on a windows machine. 


HTML is different. Do you want to use PHP to make HTML and show it in a
browser? If so, you need to install a HTTP server (web server) such as
Apache. Which can be found at <> . The
apache install is quite straight forward. If you install the web server you
may need to tell it about (change a config file setting) to indicate the
presence of a php install. There are notes on this on the apache site and
also on the site. 


Your source can go anywhere if you are only using php. Source goes into a
specific place if you are using a web server and you want to see it in the


A path the php will take care of allowing you to run the php code. PHP like
Basic or other languages has a interpretive mode, is that what you want? If
rather, you want to run the php from a browser, then you are talking about a
web application which requires a web server like Apache. 




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I am trying to install PHP 5.1.4 on my Windows Computer. Please note that it
is not a Web Server. Its just a simple computer for home use. First of all,
can I even install PHP on this or does it have to be on a web server? Then
what configuration changes do I need to make in order for the PHP files to
run successfully? Does my source code have to be in any particular directory
on my machine and in order to access those pages, what URL do I need to type
in my browser and can I also put my HTML files in the same directory? Please
can you help me? 



Sincerely Yours,

Salman Mazhar.

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