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Salman Mazhar |nyphp dev/internal group use| wrote:

> Hello,
> I am trying to install PHP 5.1.4 on my Windows Computer. Please note 
> that it is not a Web Server. Its just a simple computer for home use. 
> First of all, can I even install PHP on this or does it have to be on 
> a web server? Then what configuration changes do I need to make in 
> order for the PHP files to run successfully? Does my source code have 
> to be in any particular directory on my machine and in order to access 
> those pages, what URL do I need to type in my browser and can I also 
> put my HTML files in the same directory? Please can you help me?
> Thanks.
> Sincerely Yours,
> Salman Mazhar.

If it's just for development work, use XAMPP or EasyPHP or WAMP. I have 
all three on my Windows notebook and they all work. I like XAMPP the 
best, but that may be because I am comfortable manually configuring 
Apache/PHP anyway. EasyPHP was truly easy.

Sounds like a great opportunity to make a quantum leap and install 
Ubuntu linux as a dual-boot on that Windows machine :-)
If you have decent hard drive space, Ubuntu installs nicely alongside 
windows. There are a few videos on Google (ubuntu windows dual boot) 
that make it trivial to do. Once you do that, you can experience PHP in 
a Linux environment and your learning will be much more valuable. There 
are many, many Free/Open source packages that don't work properly on a 
Windows box and discovering that for yourself can be quite frustrating. 
Instead, every newbie struggle with PHP on Ubuntu will lead to forward 
knowledge momentum... a much better value for your time spent IMHO.

Of course any decent linux would do, but I went with Ubuntu on an 
existing Windows box and it was a breeze.

-=john andrews

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