[nycphp-talk] Custom static extension compilation

Artzi, Yoav (Yoav) artzi at
Wed Jun 21 08:41:55 EDT 2006

After trying to compile my custom extension as a dynamic extension, I
decided to try to compile it as a static one. I found out that I have to
copy the directory with the sources and the config.m4 to the ext
directory under the source dir and call ./buildconf --force to rebuild
the configure script. However, doing that built the configure script in
a way that doesn't even compile. My configure command is:
'./configure' '--host=powerpc-wrs-linux-gnu' '--build=i686-linux'
'--prefix=/usr/local' '--disable-all' '--enable-static'
'--disable-shared' '--enable-memory-limit' '--disable-safe-mode'
'--disable-rpath' '--disable-ipv6' '--disable-wddx' '--disable-bcmath'
'--disable-debug' '--disable-calendar' '--disable-ftp'
'--without-aolserver' '--without-apache' '--without-continuity'
'--without-pi3web' '--enable-releasemode' '--enable-xml'
'--cache-file=config.cache' '--enable-libxml'
'--disable-simplexml' '--enable-dom' '--enable-soap' '--with-db'
'--enable-sockets' '--enable-track-vars' '--enable-trans-sid'
'--enable-magic-quotes' '--without-pear' '--with-zlib'
'--with-exec-dir=/usr/local/appweb' '--sysconfdir=/usr/local/appweb'
'--with-gnu-ld' '--with-openssl=/usr' '--enable-mbstring'
'--disable-mbregex' '--enable-session' '--enable-pcntl' '--enable-pdo'
'--with-pdo-sqlite' '--with-pcre-regex' '--enable-spl'
'--enable-ctype' '--with-ctype' '--with-tsrm-pthreads'
'--enable-threadsafe' '--enable-maintainer-zts' '--enable-embed=shared'
'--enable-cgi' '--enable-cli' '--enable-inline-optimization'
Before the buildconf, the configure passed fine, but afterwards I got an
error from the PCNTL extension that the system doesn't support fork().
It happened both when cross compiling and when compiling normally.
Any idea what is the right way to add an extension as static so it will
compile right?
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