[nycphp-talk] PHP and MS Excel

Dan Cech dcech at
Mon Jun 26 14:20:28 EDT 2006

Jack Scott wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-06-26 at 12:05 -0500, max at wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Has anyone ever used/using something they like to deal with reading and writing MS Excel files?
>> Not CSV, but the actual XLS, specifically things like formatting, multiple sheets, etc?
>> Something like a good xls class, like the one for PDF.
>> I found something on phpclasses, but would like to get some opnions and suggestions...
>> Thank you!
>> max
> Its beta but works fine, there are also some packages on

For writing XLS Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer is definitely a good option,
I've used in on several projects with great success.

I haven't tried reading/modifying XLS files from php.


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