[nycphp-talk] A SQL Query Conundrum. I Need Your Assistance...

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Speaking of MySQL questions, can anyone recommend a good list for MySQL? 

Shari Halter

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Subject: [nycphp-talk] A SQL Query Conundrum. I Need Your Assistance...

Sorry, another MySQL question on the PHP list, but there are so many great
users here...

I need to get all the active users email and name for personalization.

I need the correct SELECT query addressing two tables that have a one to
many relationship linked by "user_id" like the relationship shown below:

Table: Users
Fields: id   user_id 

Table: User_Attributes
Fields: id   user_id   attribute_name   attribute_value

So in User_Attributes table you see data like so:
89 78 email joe at
90 78 name joe
91 78 active yes
92 78 title CEO
93 79 email sal at
94 79 name sal

I need to get the email and name of all the users where:
attribute_name "active"  = attribute_value "yes"

I'm using this query so far:

SELECT a.user_id, b.attribute_name, b.attribute_value FROM users AS a LEFT
JOIN User_Attributes AS b ON a.user_id = b.user_id WHERE b.attribute_name IN
('active', 'email', 'salutation', 'first_name', 'last_name') ORDER BY

...but this returns a rowset where each user has four rows with an attribute
value in each row.

I need all four attributes from each user to be returned in one neat row.

Additionally, I could use all the non-active users filtered out by the SQL.

Any help here?

Warmest regards,

Peter Sawczynec,
Technology Director
_Design & Interface
_Database Management
ps at

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