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$master_names = array('joe', 'adam', 'alex');
$master_new   = array( );

while(list($index, $value) = each($master_names))
    $master_new['master_names' . $index] = $value;

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  Go ahead chuckle it up. But, yes, I need this one little one. 
  I begin with a numerically indexed array of elements (could be any length):

  $master_names  = array("Joe", "Sam", "Tom" ... )

  I need to rename all the array elements as to make a matching consistent associative array.
  And... the keys in the associative array must be derived from combining the name of the array 
  (in this example 'master_names') with the correct former index value appended on the end of 
  each new key:

  $master_names = array('master_names0'=>"Joe", 'master_names1'=>"Sam, 'master_names2'=>"Tom" ... ) 





  Yes, that is it.

  Warmest regards, 

  Peter Sawczynec 
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