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The reason I don't want to use regexp is because eventually I want to have an arbitrary formula for $calc_str, and I don't want to design my own evaluation compiler with regexp - that's what eval() is supposed to do, or so it seems. 

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On 10/12/06, LK <lk613m at> wrote:
  $x = 3;
  $y = 4;
  $calc_str = '$x * $y';
  eval("echo \"$calc_str\";");

I want to evaluate the expression $x * $y (x times y). But when I run it thru the eval() function it returns "3 * 4" instead of "12". It seems to interpret * as a string instead of a multiplication operator. Any suggestions greatly appreciated 

I haven't had my coffee yet, but I would guess that it has something to do with those single quotes.

But there's a bigger question here:  Why do you want to store the expression in a string?  Just store the $x and the $y, and multiply them when you have to.  If there's some larger issue at hand, like you have to read the expressions from a file or something, use the regexp functions to get the two operands and the operator, and then do the math you have to do. 

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