[nycphp-talk] PEAR Error Message - Correction

Phil Duffy phil at
Thu Oct 12 16:53:57 EDT 2006

Hi Jon and Tim,

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> Stick something like
> DB_DataObject::debugLevel(5);
> in a global config file, and then scan the output until you see
> something red.

Just when I thought I was completely over my head, I decided to place the
suggested statement in the PHP script in which the original error message
occurred.  That worked and the end of the debug message included the
following lines:

DataObjects_Info_item: GET: item_no Array ( [0] => item_no ) 
DataObjects_Info_item: ERROR: No Value specified for get

I would interpret that as an error caused by item_no not being defined at
that point.  That would make sense, although I will need some time to come
up with a correction.

Again, thanks to both of you for both your help and your patience.


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