[nycphp-talk] Resolving Bus Errors

Dell Sala dell at
Mon Oct 16 12:50:03 EDT 2006

How should one go about resolving php bus errors and segfaults?

I have a script that produces a bus error when I run it under my php4  
setup, but runs fine under my php5. It appears that script becomes  
unstable after invoking the built-in xml parser with  
xml_parser_create (which is used behind the scenes in PEAR's  
XML_Serializer). After that point, calls to file related functions,  
like fopen() or file(), may or may not result in a bus error.

I've tried to reproduce the problem in an isolated context, but  
without success. Should I even try to resolve this by modifying my  
php scripts, or am I just trying to catch a ghost? Is there a way to  
isolate these problems to come up with a work-around? Are there  
specific things one should look for that might be contributing to the  
instability, like not calling fclose() or xml_parser_free(), or  
something like that?

-- Dell

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