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Thoughts? My though is that "one offs" is where all the fancy schmancy
models start to fall apart... I just outsourced a big project to a firm
that had a nice MVC framework. My how clean the code was. My how short
all the scripts were. Until I opened a few "catch-all" files that went
on forever dealing with the "one-offs"

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> $user->insert();
> Here's a good article that covers the basics:

Quite good, thanks. Now, a question about

What if you want to find a record WHERE $object->someProp LIKE 'M%' (as
opposed to " = ")?

The first crude thing that comes to mind is, if you want LIKE, say

$user = 'Jane%'

and have your find() method look for '%' and do LIKE if it's found.

David Mintz

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