[nycphp-talk] DataObject implementation (was Re: Constructors and)

Dell Sala dell at
Thu Oct 19 15:06:06 EDT 2006

JOINs are a bear with the DataObject pattern. I basically never use  
the DB_DataObject::join() method. If I need a join, I just use the  
query() method instead. I think the documentation even recommends  
this for all but the simplest JOIN queries.

DB_DataObject was actually my first introduction to DataObjects  
(trial by fire!), and after using it for a while I really enjoy the  
simplicity of Darryl Patterson's article. Why not take a lightweight  
framework like he has described and just extend it as needed on a  
case-by-case basis?

-- Dell

On Oct 19, 2006, at 2:34 PM, David Mintz wrote:

> PS: Don't want to seem too much of a whiner. DB_DataObject looks  
> promising
> and I want to figure it out. I am a little stuck on JOIN but if I  
> come up
> with an intelligent question I will take the liberty...
> On Thu, 19 Oct 2006, David Mintz wrote:
>> Then I looked at DB_DataObject and quickly noticed the pain part  
>> that you
>> refer to. I realize I don't quite get it and that's surely part of my
>> problem, but still I think the docs and examples on
>> are kind
>> of abstruse.

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