[nycphp-talk] PHP page to Excel

Craig Thomas craig at
Fri Oct 20 17:42:17 EDT 2006

Ajai Khattri wrote:
>> Guess what, i'm crazy for this, The company where i work wanna to pass
>> the php page that gimme the results to a excel sheet, and the second
>> request is they want the exactly colors, formats, width column, height
>> column, etc that excel offers.
>> I just want to know if somebody could gimme any idea to do this..i want
>> to create a button that convert me php results into a excel sheet
>> exactly as they need.


Also just forcing a download using html tables and content-type 
application/excel can work with excel and openoffice-calc. The <td>'s 
are the columns.  This is not as full featured and robust as the PEAR 
package, but does seem to work for simple, single sheet spreadsheets. 
And it's fast to code if you already have the html tables ready (:

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