[nycphp-talk] pcntl_fork() assistance

Joseph Crawford codebowl at
Wed Sep 20 18:15:03 EDT 2006


yea i noticed that but thought MAMP would have had that enabled but i guess
not.  I have been fighting trying to get php to compile on the mac from
source.  I am not using the built in apache so the docs are no
help.  It keeps tripping up when ,/configure is looking for zlib.

I am not that familiar with compiling php from source but it seens straight
forward until it trips up like this :D

I am not sure what zlib file it is looking for and i could not find a binary
zlib on my system.


is what locate comes up with, aside from stuff bundled with other apps.

If ANYONE has any resources i could read about compiling LAMP on the mac i
would appreciate it.  Everyone is telling me to just go with a precompiled
package and would if any of them enabled pcntl :)


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