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Synergy works via your network. Basically you have a client/server 
setup. So on the machine you have your keyboard and mouse plugged into 
you run the Synergy server, on the machine you want to use that mouse 
and keyboard you connect to that server. It is quite fantastic. I have a 
setup with a KVM as well, letting me develop on my linux box on dual 
monitors, however have the ability to switch to my windows box at any 
moment and still move my mouse from screen to screen sharing the 
clipboard at will. Synergy is absolutely fantastic.


Joseph Crawford wrote:

> i am a bit confused how you can share the mouse and keyboard between 
> machines without special hardware, do you split the cable 2-3 ways 
> with splitters and connect to each machine?  Obviously if the mouse or 
> keyboard is not connected to the machine you cannot use it on that 
> machine.
> I thought the only way to do this was with a KVM switch
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