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Elliotte Harold elharo at
Mon Aug 6 18:54:57 EDT 2007

Kenneth Downs wrote:

> Again, I'm not clear on what you are trying to serve.  We probably have 
> to back up to the beginning and erase the assumption that PHP has a 
> one-to-one correspondence between a URL (or page) and a PHP file.  
> Having erased that, we have to ask what kind of content you are trying 
> to serve, then we have to look at PHP examples.

Here's a simple example: a news site backed by a database. URLs like

return pages which contain that day's headlines extracted from the 

One script, no more, must handle all dates. (I don't really care if 
there are 2 or 3 scripts, but I do not want to have to write a separate 
page for each URL. The number of PHP scripts must be finite and fixed. 
It should not increase with the number of URLs the script services.)

The only way I've ever seen this done in PHP is by using mod_rewrite, 
though they're a couple of other interesting suggestions in the thread I 
need to explore further. Do you have a suggestion?

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