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Robert Kim Wireless Internet Advisor evdo.hsdpa at
Tue Aug 7 20:07:18 EDT 2007

I had the same issue a while back. cc me on a good response willya?

On 8/5/07, Elliotte Harold <elharo at> wrote:
> I'm considering a simple site that I may design in PHP. PHP is probably
> the simplest solution except for one thing: it carries a very strong
> coupling between pages and scripts. As far as I've ever been able to
> tell PHP really, really, really wants there to be a single primary .php
> file for each URL that does not contain a query string (though that file
> may of course invoke others).
> For the system I'm designing that simply won't work. In Java servlet
> environments it's relatively trivial to map one servlet to an entire
> directory structure, so that it handles all requests for all pages
> within that hierarchy.
> Is there any *reasonable* way to do this in PHP? The only way I've ever
> seen is what WordPress does: use mod_rewrite to redirect all requests
> within the hierarchy to a custom dispatcher script that converts actual
> hierarchy components into query string variables. I am impressed by this
> hack, but it's way too kludgy for me to be comfortable with. For one
> thing, I don't want to depend on mod_rewrite if I don't have to.
> Surely by now there's a better way? How do I overcome the one file per
> URL assumption that PHP makes?
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