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Kenneth Downs ken at
Wed Aug 8 07:49:38 EDT 2007

Elliotte Rusty Harold wrote:
> Of course, if you really want to rock, try combining 
> XQuery+XQueryP+APP+a native XML database. Once the tooling matures a 
> bit, that's a stack that's going to make all previous web dev 
> frameworks look like PowerBuilder. 

Not a chance.  There is no such thing as a native XML database and there 
never will be because XML is a file format (oops, data format), and an 
extremely inefficient one at that.  To have a native database you need a 
data model.  XML uses the hierarchical model and if you're going to 
build a native hierarchical database you sure wouldn't use the wasteful 
XML format internally to store the data.

And if you insist on using XML just because its so wonderful to use 17 
characters to store the state <STATE>NY</STATE>, it will never be able 
to compete with even the most immature relational engines for pure 
speed.  Maybe on example and toy sites, but never for anything that 
needs to scale.

If I'm wrong, dinner's on me.

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