[nycphp-talk] Good Font Size Control

Michael B Allen ioplex at
Wed Aug 8 21:43:50 EDT 2007

Hi Again,

I'm working on a site and I'd like to give the user a little more
control over the font size throughout the site. Something like those
"AAAAA" controls on sites that allow the user to select x-large,
large, regular, small, or x-small. How is that best done?

So far I've just been using <small> and CSS small and x-small.
Relative values are nice because the user can still change font size
using their browser (ctrl-+ ctrl-- in FF). But that leaves me somewhat
at a loss as to how to globally affect the font size. Is there a CSS
property that can globally increase and decrease the font size
throughout the entire page? What is the basis for good font size


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