[nycphp-talk] Any Subversion and/or Tortoise SVN experts out there?

Cliff Hirsch cliff at
Mon Aug 13 09:23:34 EDT 2007

So I need to apply an upgrade, but have no idea what changes I¹ve made to
the original software. Paranoia keeps me from applying the patch ‹ don¹t
want to lose any of my changes. I¹d like to have a complete printout of my
changed files before I apply the upgrade patch so I know where to look when
the inevitable problems crop up.

But hey, I use Subversion, so I¹m doing something right. This is what I have
done as a start:

I used ³compare with working copy² in the Tortoise SVN log window, which
gave me a list of changed files from my current rev and the original very
dated sw install.

This produced a list of files (in a file window) in TortoiseMerge that can
be viewed individually for diffs.

But how do I print/capture this file list and associated diff? I don¹t see
any way to print the changed files other than writing them by hand. And I
don¹t see any way to view the changes other than file by file. Is the diff
or file list stored locally? Suggestions?

Cliff Hirsch
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