[nycphp-talk] Any Subversion and/or Tortoise SVN experts out there?

Adrian Noland anoland at
Mon Aug 13 10:00:33 EDT 2007

On 8/13/07, Cliff Hirsch <cliff at> wrote:
>  So I need to apply an upgrade, but have no idea what changes I've made to
> the original software. Paranoia keeps me from applying the patch — don't
> want to lose any of my changes. I'd like to have a complete printout of my
> changed files before I apply the upgrade patch so I know where to look when
> the inevitable problems crop up.
> But hey, I use Subversion, so I'm doing something right. This is what I
> have done as a start:
> I used "compare with working copy" in the Tortoise SVN log window, which
> gave me a list of changed files from my current rev and the original very
> dated sw install.
> This produced a list of files (in a file window) in TortoiseMerge that can
> be viewed individually for diffs.
> But how do I print/capture this file list and associated diff? I don't see
> any way to print the changed files other than writing them by hand. And I
> don't see any way to view the changes other than file by file. Is the diff
> or file list stored locally? Suggestions?
> Cliff Hirsch

I haven't come across anything that does what you are trying to do. But, may
I ask why? You are trying to keep track of something that svn already keeps
track of for you. I say use the tool like it was intended. If you are that
unsure of the commit, make a note of the current revision as a baseline. You
can use the log viewer (in both CLI and Tortise) to see the diffs between
any revision, at any point in the future. If you have to, you can go back to
the baseline. Either by specific file, or the whole commit. I think of it as
"reverse merge" because you are merging the old revision changes in to a new
revision file.

The closest I can come to answering your question is the revision graph. It
will produce a hierarchical representation of all the major changes to a
file., but might not tell you what you are looking for.
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