[nycphp-talk] Any Subversion and/or Tortoise SVN experts out there?

Cliff Hirsch cliff at
Mon Aug 13 10:05:54 EDT 2007

> Basically you create a branch with the upstream release you are
> currently using, then apply patches from upstream to that branch to keep
> it in sync with the upstream version.
> At any time you can then merge those changes into your development
> branch, taking advantage of svn's built-in conflict resolution system to
> handle any issues, rather than just getting stuck with patches that
> won't apply cleanly.

I think I got the message. So this is the appropriate time to create a
branch. My current base become trunk and perhaps tag it as V1; make a V2
branch of this; make my working copy point to the new branch, apply the
vendor's upgrade, then -- when I'm ready, merge the branch into the trunk?
Is that the jist of it?

Use a repository structure like this?

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