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Tue Aug 14 00:57:52 EDT 2007

Elliotte Harold <elharo at> wrote: Josh McCormack wrote:
> Do you have any recommended reading on XML CMS? Do you know of any
> that are open source and in a useful state?

Several people asked me this so rather than responding individually I 
just wrote up some thogughts and put them here:

The final word on this subject has not yet been written, but I think 
this is a decent summary of what's available in the native XML DB space 
as of August, 2007.

Roughly I think we're where SQL was in 1995: some good payware products 
and some iffy but promising open source options. I expect the open 
source options will improve into production worthy systems with time, 
just as MySQL and PostgresQL did over the last decade.

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