[nycphp-talk] Is there something wrong with this SQL query in PHP?

Anthony Wlodarski aw at
Tue Aug 14 16:24:37 EDT 2007

TADA!  We have a winner!

The function was bogging down on the second parameter.  I think I copied the
code from an earlier project and forgot to check the function syntax and now
the echo statement is returning a 1 so we know it is right on now (also made
changes in the main application and it is correctly working).  Some things I
will work on in regards to future development are this SQL injection and
correct checking before the query is ran.

Thanks everyone!

Anthony Wlodarski
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In case this wasn't clear...
> On quick inspection, function mysql_fetch_assoc only takes one
> this might be a problem. mysql_fetch_assoc

Try Removing the second parameter from function mysql_fetch_assoc, i.e.
take out the MYSQL_ASSOC to read $row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result);

Carlos Hoyos

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