[nycphp-talk] fgetcsv and German characters

Stephen Musgrave stephen at
Wed Aug 15 09:13:16 EDT 2007

All -

Thanks for your suggestions.  We ran out of time on addressing this  
issue (technically), so we decided to "Romanize" (boooo!) the  
input.    I know, I do feel like a defeatist, but it's not my  
budget!  I did not use mb_detect_encoding, but that sounds like  
something that would help.

And the chant goes up:  UTF-8!  UTF-8!  UTF-8!

On Aug 14, 2007, at 4:59 PM, Rob Marscher wrote:

> On Aug 14, 2007, at 10:01 AM, Stephen Musgrave wrote:
>> Oh, how I love character encoding problems!  ;-)
> Indeed... there's so many levels where they can get messed up --  
> the way the text was originally encoded, anything that php might do  
> to it, the database column character encoding, the database client  
> connection encoding, anything php might do to it again, the way  
> apache serves it, the encoding specified in the html, and finally  
> the browser character encoding setting.
>> The problem is that German characters such as ü and ä are being  
>> translated to Ÿ and Š respectively when I echo the values to the  
>> browser and when inserted into the DB.  I wrote the values to the  
>> error log and they come out to \x9f and \x8a respectively.
> Maybe you should publicly post a stripped down file that  
> demonstrates the problem so that we can pull it down and take a look.
> If you create your own csv with those characters (vs. the ones your  
> user(s) have uploaded), can you reproduce the problem? [tip... on  
> osx, press option-u and then u to create ü and option-u and then a  
> to create ä]
> Do you have the mbstring extension?  If so, what does running the  
> text through mb_detect_encoding < 
> function.mb-detect-encoding.php> give you?
> When can we all agree that the extra disk space needed for every  
> app to use utf8 is worth it?  :)
> Rob
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