[nycphp-talk] [0T] Comcast as ISP -- opinions?

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at
Thu Aug 16 11:18:55 EDT 2007

>> I am about to move, and considering dumping Speakeasy DSL for the sake of
>> economy, and because the installation (involving Verizon, Covad) is a total
>> f$@#ing nightmare.

I'm considering moving away from Speakeasy for the same reason - I had  
an outage recently, caused by a Verizon problem, and it was a minor  
miracle that it only lasted three days.

>> Does anyone care to share an opinion about Comcast? How's the speed and
>> reliability? Have you been able to work around the dynamic IP and expose ssh
>> and http to the world? (I know there are ways. e.g,. with, but
>> I'd be interested in knowing how well it works).

I don't know if you can get RCN where you are, but they sell static  
IPs as an add-on to residential accounts, which comes with all ports  
being unblocked. If you're stuck with Comcast, they have recently  
dropped prices on their commercial packages (at least according to the  
sales person I got a quote and contract from; their website still says  
$95/month but I was quoted $65 with a static IP). They're happy to  
sell commercial service to a residence (as a "home office" package)  
and commercial service has no port blocking.


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