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Anthony Wlodarski aw at
Thu Aug 16 13:48:45 EDT 2007

I was thinking about login schemes so I had an idea about using a form on
the front page which would authenticate against a database (already done
this part) but I am having problems getting people to the members/lobby
area.  One way of doing it is to use the $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] variable and
when index.php calls itself the checks for cookie data would tell them that
they have successfully logged in and maybe use an include statement.  The
other alternative is that as soon as the checks against the SQL database are
complete I could use a header ("Location: ./foobar.php") statement to move
them to the right page and then pull data based on the user id that is
stored in a session/cookie, but the problem is that once I send a HTML
header (stylesheets for the form) I can't use the header function as it
burps an error.


How do you guys handle events like this?


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