[nycphp-talk] Cache package suggestions

Cliff Hirsch cliff at
Fri Aug 17 09:53:37 EDT 2007

I¹m reviewing caching packages and am looking for suggestions. If you have
seen one of my prior threads, I just want to cache the results of a curl
operation, since that¹s very slow. My choices so far seem to be:

Smarty cache ‹ since I use Smarty anyway. I¹ll probably use Smarty cache for
general page result caching, but perhaps not for lower layer objects?
PEAR cachelite ‹ looks simple and efficient. Could be good for caching small
³widgets², misc paramters, etc.
ZendFramework Zend_Cache ‹ multiple backend storage options is nice, but may
be overkill for my needs ‹ until I realize I need memcached of course.
Ez components cache class -- unknown

Also... All packages generally store cache results based on a lifetime. But
what if I want to store results using a date, not a lifetime. An example
would be something that changes once per day. Ideally, I¹d like this updated
for the first hit after midnight each day. Suggestions?

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