[nycphp-talk] Webserver file access (and version control)

Adrian Noland anoland at
Sun Aug 19 21:04:04 EDT 2007

On 8/18/07, Cliff Hirsch <cliff at> wrote:
> On 8/17/07 12:45 PM, "Kenneth Dombrowski" <kenneth at> wrote:
> > finally, I agree with Chris that anybody doing serious work should be
> > using version control, but that is the next step, first you should have
> > your file permissions in order , and a reasonably good understanding of
> > what the commands above do, and why you want to do it.  also, use sudo.
> Are there any issues related to having the version control hidden files
> and
> folders on a production site? Does the Subversion .svn folder need to be
> protected on a production site? Is the best practice to do ongoing updates
> on a production site using version control or to export  specific tagged
> versions to a production site (which would remove al the version control
> specific hidden files)?
In general, it is considered bad form to have your web root the same as your
repository sandbox. If you break something and have to revert, what happens
to your production site? If you can, separate them.
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